Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Florida Trip 2012

For Christmas we decided to take a trip to Florida with Michelle and Andrew's family they were so sweet to offer to let us stay in their condo for free! It was a trip we have been wanting to take for a long time mostly me because that meant i would be able to go to Harry Potter world!!
We had so much fun! It was definitely a packed trip but it was still fun we hit every Disney park and universal adventure land and the beach one night even though it was only for a short time it was totally worth it for me at least. i feel most at home when I'm near the ocean i love it!! We picked up maps from every park in Portuguese to send to Ty on his mission he probably thought it was weird to get all these Disney maps but we just wanted him to know we were thinking of him. this post is going to be very long and there is TONS of pictures!! i have been trying to narrow them down but considering there was already hundreds to choose from i got it down to a decent amount for a blog post.
The view from our room
Day 1 and kens was all smiles and ready to go!

Jurassic park ride was the first ride of the day always good to ruin your hair straight out the gate i always say!
The boys loved the super hero's!
the Hulk was Justin's favorite
I love Dr. Seuss and this was one of my favorite parts of the park it was so cute and everything was decorated to Christmas i loved it. and yes i made Justin ride the carousel with me. we decided we are going to grow these trees one day!
We saw How the Grinch stole Christmas and it was really cute one of the favorites of all the shows we saw.

this was the stunt show we saw the set was pretty cool

Next was Animal Kingdom
First things first gotta get your face painted!
I love Gorillas

We went on a safari ride with Taylor the tiger
this mommy white rhino was not happy that we were there and she let us know! She pretty much charged the jeep telling us not to mess with her baby. It was pretty crazy!

Don't worry no fences just a bunch of lion chillin a few feet from you..

We saw the lion king musical
And finding nemo musical

There were lots of pretty flowers so of course i had to snap a few pics

Magic Kingdom

Everything was decorated for Christmas it was pretty cool

on our little boat ride

Yep that's right we met Mickey Mouse!

Kens showing her muscles
We had our game faces on for toy story ride. It got pretty competitive.
The lights were one of my favorite parts of the trip they had the lights set to music and fake snow falling and we had hot chocolate. It really helped get us into the Christmas spirit.

Just warming up in front of the fire

Blizzard Beach
One of the tallest water slides in the US
Just hanging out in the wave pool
And this is what happens to your back when you go down the giant water slide..

Disney Studios

Probably my favorite ride
If you look really close you can see my sunglasses fly out of my shirt and me trying to grab them because i thought i was going to lose them!

Harry Potter World!!!

Justin's turkey leg that was as big as his face. let just say after watching him eat that thing i couldn't eat ha ha
Don't worry though i had plenty of butter beer!!

i loved everything about harry potter world. I cant wait to take little ones here one day!!

Mickeys Christmas Party

They had free hot chocolate and cookies all night for us. Taylor fell fast asleep on Justin's shoulders light saber in hand while we were in line for more hot coco!

dopey is my fav. grumpy was not to happy i didn't sit in his lap though
the lighting of the castle was soooo amazing. it was about 30 min. long and it was so awesome all the different stuff they  did with it i have a video but its like 20 min. long so i didn't post it but it was one of the most beautiful things i have seen.
 It was such a perfect trip i will always remember all the fun times . it was so fun being able to go with Taylor and Jackson we cant wait to take our own kids one day!!

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  1. Oh my gosh I am so jealous of this trip. YOu went to so many places - I love it! I miss being your neighbor.. you guys are the cutest! Glad you're doing well!